Dennis the Dachshund is quite possibly the cutest source of fitspiration you'll see this year.


Shedding extra pounds always seems to top the list of ultimate New Year's resolutions. That said, we know keeping up motivation to hit the gym and eat healthy for another 360-some days can be hard. Lucky for you, there's one special dog whose major weight loss may just inspire you to stay fit in 2015—and beyond.

Meet Dennis the Dachshund, quite possibly the most adorable source of fitspiration you'll see this year. Though you couldn't tell by looking at him now, this cutie from Ohio used to weigh 56 pounds, making him so large that his belly would glide across the floor as he walked.

But after more than a year of serious dieting and exercise (plus surgery to remove excess skin), the adorable canine is down to a slim 13 pounds, reports ABC News.

Dennis can thank his owner Brooklyn Burton for making the effort to get him back in shape. One of Brooklyn's relatives was taking care of the dog before but fed him human food in addition to regular dog food, reports WSYX, an ABC affiliate station in Ohio. That's one way to ensure a pooch packs on unwanted pounds.

The best part of his transformation is that Dennis can get around with ease. "He now can go up and down the steps he was never able to do that," Burton told WSYX.

By the looks of this furry guy, it seems meeting your weight loss goals may not be too impossible after all. Humans, take note.