Influencer Mary Jelkovsky Explains Self-Love, Body Positivity, and Avoiding "Too" as a Descriptive Term

Steal her simple trick for self-love.

Practicing self-love is important, but it doesn't always come easy. Body-positive influencer and motivational speaker Mary Jelkovsky knows this—and she took to Instagram to share how she learned to love herself by banishing one commonly used word from her vocabulary and social media.

"I have a confession to make: when I first started sharing the message of self-love, I wasn't 100% authentic," she wrote in the caption of the post—which featured side-by-side photos of herself on the beach, each showing off her butt in a bikini. "I wasn't 100% authentic because I was tortured by the worst word in the English language: T-O-O."

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"I took photos of my yummy rolls and shared them as long as it wasn't 'too much.' A little bit of cellulite was totally cool as long as it wasn't 'too much,'" she continued. "Too much. Too little. Too big. Too small. Too radical. Too quiet. Too thin. Too fat. Too smart. Too dumb. Too mean. Too nice. I've literally heard it all...And I'm f*cking done with it."

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"Stop being afraid of being T-O-O anything because other people's opinions literally don't matter! All that matters is that you like you," she wrote.

Within hours, her message received thousands of likes—and dozens of comments that proved how much it resonated with her followers.

"Too sensitive. Too emotional. Too quiet. I'm learning to love these qualities but it's hard some days," one commenter wrote.

"I used to get told I was 'too much' all the time in school and college," another wrote. "I still don't know what that means but I don't care anymore. Being me is all that matters."

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