Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Rocks Armpit Hair at Her Mother's 62nd Birthday Party

She proves that shaving your armpits really is unnecessary.

Madonna's 23-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon rocked armpit hair at her mother's 62nd birthday party. Madonna, who previously revealed that she'd tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, celebrated the occasion with family and friends in Jamaica over the weekend, People reports.

In Instagram posts on Tuesday and Wednesday—a video and a photo album—Madonna shared shots of herself and her family celebrating the occasion. "Thankful for my Children on my Birthday and Every day," she wrote on Instagram. The second photo in her album shows Madonna and Leon taking a selfie together, with Leon's armpit hair visible in the shot.

Comments varied on Madonna's post about her daughter's visible armpit hair. "Help her [...] shave her armpit," wrote one commenter. Others, however, came to the defense of the pop star and Leon: "So what if her daughter [has] armpit hair," wrote one person, while another said, simply, that armpit hair "is normal."

This isn't the first time Leon has showcased armpit hair in a display of body positivity: It was visible in a photo Madonna shared on twitter on New Year's Day 2018. Before that, Leon was photographed on the red carpet at a Vogue event, showing off her unshaved legs. And Leon is, of course, not the first female celebrity to embrace showcasing her armpit hair to the public.

In 2019, singer Halsey showed off her armpit hair on the cover of Rolling Stone. And body positivity icon Ashley Graham shared a postpartum photo of herself earlier this year, showing off her armpit hair in her selfie pose. Actress Bella Thorne also posted a video of herself on Instagram, in which her armpit hair is visible. Madonna herself has also showed off her armpit hair, posting a photo of herself on Instagram, arm raised, with the caption: "Long hair……Don't care!!!!!!"

The trend comes as female celebrities embrace the body positivity movement like never before, showing off their bodies on social media and real life. Women around the world are showing off their stretch marks, cellulitis, postpartum bodies, and now, armpit hair, without editing or hiding them.

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