Lindsey Vonn Stuns in Bikini Pics That Show Off Just How Ripped She Is: "I'm Proud of Myself"

"You can judge me if you want, but I've been working hard in the gym and taking care of me."

Former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn works hard for her ripped body—and she's showing off the results in a series of photos she posted to Instagram on Tuesday.

In the photos, Vonn is rocking a yellow bikini that lets you see just how toned she is—from her abs to her thighs to her backside, she's legit toned everywhere. (And honestly, wherever she posed for these pics is just as stunning as she is.)

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"You can judge me if you want, but I've been working hard in the gym and taking care of me.... so I'm going to post some bikini pics because I'm proud of myself. 💪🏻😁❤️ #beyourself," the 36-year-old captioned.

Turns out, people in the comments didn't show up to judge—they celebrated her and her hard work.

"Do u boo!💯👏🏾💪🏾," Good Morning America host and former football player Michael Strahan commented. "okayyyyyyyyyy!," model Ashley Graham wrote. "You have cute toes," comedian Chelsea Handler joked (because, yes, that's what we all noticed first). "Oh Hell yes you are!!! Work work workED!!!," Vonn's personal trainer Gunnar Peterson wrote in response to her caption about working hard and taking care of herself.

Vonn truly does put in the work for the body she has. Her Instagram is filled with workout videos. She can be seen lifting weights, lunging, working with medicine balls, cycling, using a rowing machine, and doing just about any other fitness routine imaginable. "Nothing good in life comes easy. Go out and work hard for what you want!💪🏻," she captioned on her latest workout video.

Plus, she even works out while on vacation, saying that there are"#nodaysoff."

It's not just in the gym where Vonn puts in the work to get her killer physique, but also in the kitchen. In her Instagram Story yesterday, Vonn posted a picture of her lunch: "lots of water, 3x eggs, veggies and avocado💪🏻." She then posted a picture with a nutritionist, saying he has helped her get lean by focusing on drinking lots of water, eating clean food, and timing out her meals.

Lindsey Vonn
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Sure, Vonn's work has already helped her look (and more importantly, feel) amazing. But she still has goals: In another picture of her in the yellow bikini posted to her Story, Vonn says that she has these three goals: "1) continue to take care of me, 2) maintain this clean living (foods, self care and personal growth), and 3) keep working out because it makes me happy and I feel better when I do it… and just ENJOY LIFE!"

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