Nikki and Jaylyn aren't the only ones who can't get this song out of their heads.

By Nicole Love
July 01, 2015

Need some workout inspiration? A good song can make all the difference. Enter: "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silento, which is has taken over the Internet and is making everything awesome. For example, this mother-daughter dancing duo's living room choreography is life-affirming. Seriously.

Mom Nikki Taylor, who will give birth to a son next month, told BuzzFeed that she had no idea that the dance-session she filmed with her 6-year-old daughter Jaylyn would turn into an overnight sensation. The video currently has 23 million views (and counting).

But Nikki and Jaylyn aren't the only ones who can't get this song out of their heads. Here's a few more videos that will make you smile (and want to move.)

While Austynn Samarco has near-expert whips and nae-naes, her dad, Josh, takes a different approach when he joins his daughter. Watch out for his Carleton Banks inspired freestyle!

Here's another group of dedicated girls who, like Austynn, obviously take dancing very seriously. We love the ballerina giving sass like only a queen could when she's being carried by the rest of the dancers.

If you thought these videos couldn't get any better, just wait. We saved the best for last:

New York choreographer Tianne King, along with her daughter Heaven, started the Heaven on Earth Dance Studio and have been making viral dancing videos since the 4-year-old could walk (or did dancing come first?). With more than 32 million views and a cameo in the official video, this may just be where Nikki and Jaylyn found their inspiration.