LeAnn Rimes Shares the Mantra She Uses to Open Herself Up to Possibilities

The singer aims to enrich her life through love—rather than fear.

LeAnn Rimes is all about positivity. The singer, who turned 37 in August, is still performing across the country—24 years after her first album was released to worldwide fame and acclaim.

The lifestyle of a singer who has been in the spotlight for more than two decades can be stressful, and it's not always easy to stay grounded. Good thing Rimes has found herself a mantra that helps her stay positive and balanced through the busyness of her life.

“My mantra is ‘Love over fear,’” Rimes tells Health. “That mantra was inspired by a book called A Course in Miracles, which introduced me to this idea that we create our lives from one of two places: love or fear. Recognizing that we have a choice in which place we create from it really kind of blew my mind, and my heart opened to that concept and I really took that in.”

Rimes explains that her mantra carries over to every aspect of her life, but she uses it the most to help maintain her relationships. She says that when she finds herself in an argument, she tries to remember to choose a loving response rather than a fear-driven reaction.

“Sometimes we choose the more fearful choice out of comfort, so I remind myself in those moments: Am I really choosing the most loving choice, the most soul-based choice, and not the fear-based comfort choice? With myself, am I loving on myself? Am I choosing words that are kind, or am I choosing to berate myself with ideas of perfectionism?"

Rimes adds that she turns to her mantra as much as possible, and she's noticed that when she chooses a love-based response, she creates a happier, more loving environment.

"Love over fear" comes in handy in just about every aspect of her life, says Rimes. "Like where are you creating from, are you creating from love or are you creating from fear? And in those difficult moments, can you ask yourself, Where am I creating from in this moment, and can I choose love? Always choose love."

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