Lauren Hill was a 19-year-old basketball player with an inoperable brain tumor whose story captured hearts around the world. She played in 4 games and has since raised nearly $1.5 million for cancer research.

Credit: Lauren Hill (#22) in November 2014/Getty Images

UPDATE (April 10, 2015): Lauren Hill passed away this morning, the Associated Press reports.

Perhaps you stressed out today about having too much to do at work. Or you were unnerved by the cost of having to fix yet another thing in your house or car. Or you've put on some weight and it's bugging you.

Here's perspective on your woes, in two words: Lauren Hill. She's the 19-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor whose story has captured hearts around the world. Hill first made news last November after she committed to playing on the freshman basketball team at Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio.

At the school's request, the NCAA moved up the opening game because of Hill's deteriorating health; Hill scored the first and last baskets, and played in three more games. This past weekend, she was honored at the Women's Final Four for her courage—and for raising awareness and money for brain cancer research.

Today, the Associated Press ran a column by Mount St. Joseph women's basketball coach Dan Benjamin, who further proved what an incredible young woman Hill is. About strength and perseverance in the face of life's worst-case scenario: "She knows what the end result's going to be, she knows it's terminal," he said. "Yet she's plugging along every day. She's facing it head-on."

About helping others even as you struggle: Not only has Hill has helped raise nearly $1.5 million for cancer treatment and research, she's set a new goal of $2.2 million.

About staying positive: "I don't know what her pain level is or how much she's suffering, but this girl smiles every time she gets a chance," said Benjamin. "That's what she's done every day. That's what she's done since day one."

The cancer has advanced, and Hill is now living at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Her teammates held their postseason banquet in her hospital room where, Coach Benjamin said, they celebrated being with each other. Despite her dire circumstances, this amazing woman continues to beam out inspiration. More power to you, Lauren Hill, for being such a force of life.