How #PlusisEqual is shaking up the fashion world.

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated September 16, 2015

Sadly, plus-size fashion is still relegated to its own section in stores and is rarely included in mainstream fashion events and magazine spreads. Well, Lane Bryant is saying no more to that status quo, with the launch of a new campaign to celebrate women of all all shapes and sizes.

On Monday, the plus-size brand officially debuted its #PlusIsEqual campaign, a photo and video effort to plug the company's new fall clothing. The 30-second spot features six models—Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Precious Victoria Lee, Georgia Pratt, Justine Legault, and Sabina Karlsson—strutting their stuff in lingerie, jackets, and accessories from the fall collection, as one model offers up an empowering message about body image in the background.

"I don't think it matters what size you are. I think it's time to represent all kinds of women," says the voiceover. "Proud, strong, fashion-foward, stylish, super awesome—everyone deserves to be celebrated. No one is ignoring us anymore."

New York City got its own taste of the campaign Monday when the models took over Times Square, alongside guest speakers Wendy Williams and stylist Brad Goreski, to greet fans and celebrate the movement. (The event coincided with New York Fashion Week.)

The campaign was shot by photographer Cass Bird, and advertisements are to run in numerous major fashion publications, including Glamour and Vogue, and will also air during the Emmys on Sunday, per the company's statement. But this isn't the first we've seen of the label's bold new work; the company teased a #PlusIsEqual ad in Vogue's September issue with photos showing off only darkened silhouettes of the six curvy beauties.

"Though 67% of women range in size 14-24, the media still fails to represent them. The inequality exists and we're continuing to balance the equation," said Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley in a press release. "Plus is Equal. Our women are not only equal they are sexy and fabulous."

#PlusIsEqual comes in on the tracks of Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign last spring, which was presumably a thinly veiled reference to Victoria's Secret's controversial Perfect Body ads at the time.

Our hope: with campaigns like this and increased visibility of diverse body types, it will no longer be news when larger models get hired or when new plus-size lines are created. It will just be the way of the world.