This Lady Gaga Self-Care Meme Is Just What You Need to See This Week

She's giving us a million reasons to love it.

ICYMI, Lady Gaga is currently killing the self-care game. The "Shallow" singer, 33, has been sharing some of her best self-care moments on social media. Followers have seen her lounging on a floaty in her pool while wearing a face mask, going for a swim in a chic pink swimsuit, and unwinding in ice baths post-show.

With so much Lady Gaga self-care out there, fans decided to make a meme out of one of her posts—and it's now going viral.

The meme-worthy photo was posted on Friday; it shows the pop star posing naked in a bathtub. Shortly after it went up, the image caught on with fans—including HelloGiggles, our sister publication, which turned it into a meme by adding captions like "10-step skin care," "Stevie Nicks albums," "every form of bread," and "round animals," with Gaga labeled as "me" in the middle.

The photo got tons of love—and racked up lots of comments from followers. "Round animals and face masks.... I feel so seen!" one user wrote. Another added, "Wow toooooo accurate."

Lady Gaga's self-care posts came just days before the star fell off stage during a concert, and a fan picked her up and lost his balance. The singer shared a photo shortly after of her x-rayed hand, which she had to get as a result of the fall.

HelloGiggles' meme is one of the first Gaga self-care memes we've seen, but knowing the internet, more brilliant memes aren't far behind.

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