Kym Whitley's Mantra Will Remind You to Never Take Any Day for Granted

Because you can't get precious time back.

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How does actress and comedian Kym Whitley stay grounded? She relies on a mantra she learned from fellow comedians Jamie Foxx and Yvette Wilson. "Live in the now," is how it goes, and the saying works for her because "we don't know about tomorrow, but we know about right now," she tells Health.

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These words of wisdom also help Whitley live in the moment as her 9-year-old son, Joshua, grows up. "I think about all of the times that I miss not spending a few moments with him every day personally to build memories," says Whitley. "You only have that many [memories] left, so you need to use them to the fullest."

Whitley is open about her struggle with incontinence, and she's partnered with Walgreens to help more women live in the moment and worry less about the occasional leak. "[Don't] waste all of your time living in the past [because] you can't go back," Whitley tells Health.

Watch the rest of Kym's mantra in the video above.

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