Here's why some are doubting the campaign's message.

Kim Kardashian just dropped some major hints on Instagram about the second rendition of her KKW Body fragrance. It seems like this time around, she’s aiming for a message of diversity and inclusion.

Over the past few days, Kardashian has been posting close-up photos of women’s bodies that cover a range of shapes, sizes, and skin tones. She did a similar tease before the launch of the first version of the fragrance, but all of the photos were of her own body.

The photos she posted last time hinted that the fragrance bottle would be shaped like herself. So the new photos could suggest that the new bottles will be shaped with body diversity in mind. Now that’s a beauty product we could get behind.

But while much of the Internet is applauding Kardashian for her attempt at body positivity, others are questioning how inclusive the campaign really is.

“Love this, but hair is humanly. So where is the hair?” one user commented, referring to the fact that none of the models appear to have any body hair whatsoever. (Unlike real women, of course.)

Another user had a hard time believing Kardashian’s body-positive intentions. “Love that you’re showing body diversity, however I’ve seen many times on your show how disgusted you and your sisters were with the very thought of stretch marks and cellulite.”

That user is referring to the uproar around the show a few months ago, when Khloé praised Kim for her “anorexic” waistline in a series of videos shared on Instagram. That's not a good look for someone who is now claiming to promote self-love.

Okay, so the KKW Body campaign might not be the most progressive we’ve seen (sorry, but #AerieREAL still takes the cake in that category), and we don’t typically associate the Kardashians with body positivity. Yet this is still a step in the right direction.

Sure, the campaign might not include body hair, but it does celebrate women who are much more realistic looking than the models we typically see in beauty product ads. And since Kim Kardashian is a trendsetter, hopefully other brands will follow her example and kick the inclusiveness up a notch.

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