Kelsey Heenan says she gets comments like this "quite a bit."

By Faith Brar
June 28, 2019

Fitness influencer and personal trainer Kelsey Heenan recently opened up about how far she's come after almost dying from anorexia 10 years ago. It took a lot of hard work and personal growth for her to reach a place where she finally feels confident in her skin. Now, she's harnessing that confidence to fire back at trolls on social media.

A few days ago, one of Heenan's 124,000 followers left a comment on her video asking, "Where are your boobs?"

Naturally, her impulse was to clap back at the hater. "My initial reaction: 'You should probably stop looking for them… They were never here to begin with,'" she wrote on Instagram.

Instead of letting the comment bother her, Heenan used it to empower those in her fitness community. "I wanted to share this with you to send some encouragement your way," she wrote. "Here's the thing. There will always be people out there that are going to try and bring you down on your journey. They are going to be negative. They will hate on what you're doing. They will even make comments about YOUR body."

Her advice? "Honestly, let it go (as hard as that can be sometimes)," she said. "How your body looks is your business and no one else's." (Related: Sia Cooper Says She Feels "More Feminine Than Ever" After Removing Her Breast Implants)

Heenan urged her followers to remember that as long as you are happy with your body, no one else's opinions matter. "Your hard work, your commitment, your dedication, the grace that you practice with yourself and your willingness to accept the things you cannot change...these things will allow you to build confidence throughout your journey," she wrote.

It might be 2019, but body-shaming is still a huge problem. Kudos to women like Heenan who can take that negativity and channel it into a positive message. (Related: Emily Ratajkowski Says She's Been Body Shamed Because of Her Breasts)

"Perfection doesn't exist," she said. "Find confidence in your uniqueness."

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