The trainer wants people to know that "every mom has her own unique path."

By Faith Brar
July 25, 2019

Katrina Scott will be the first to tell you she has no interest in getting her pre-baby body back. In fact, she prefers her post-pregnancy body and feels that giving birth has changed her perspective on her own strength.

Still, plenty of people told Scott that she'd "snap back" into shape after having her baby, especially given her fitness level. But now, through a powerful transformation post, the Tone It Up co-founder is sharing how that wasn't the case.

"Officially nine months postpartum," she wrote on Instagram last week.

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Typically, when fitness influencers share their postpartum transformation, their "before" photo shows them at nine months pregnant. But Scott's "before" photo was taken a couple of months after she gave birth. Take a look:

"Instead of posting a pic at nine months pregnant, I chose a pic at three months postpartum because three months is where everyone kept telling me I'd be 'back' to where I was," she wrote. "[But] that wasn't my journey." 

Even though Scott's experience didn't align with everyone else's expectations, she felt an immense appreciation for her body regardless. "On the left, I was not disappointed…nor was I sad that I didn't live up to the expectation a lot of people had on me," she wrote. "In fact, I was the opposite. I was happy, proud and body positive."

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The first-time mom shared how she could have easily felt the opposite if she'd put pressure on herself to conform to the unrealistic expectations that come with postpartum weight loss.

"Imagine if I was hard on myself, ate my emotions, hated the body that gave me a beautiful daughter, or if I tried to live up to what I thought everyone expected of me? I don't think I would be where I am today. It would have led to me feeling like I failed myself and everyone who followed me. It would have led to self-sabotage and maybe I'd be stuck bc I wouldn't think I deserved self-love," she explained.

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Continuing her post, Scott said the most important aspect of any postpartum journey is "the way we speak to ourselves."

"I want u to know that ur postpartum body is remarkable," she wrote. "For me, I appreciate my tiger marks, my dimples that stayed on my booty cheeks, my tummy that expands more than ever when I eat and the new skin I'm in."

"Everyone's journey looks different & every mom has her own unique path ~ so let's not compare our chapter 1 or 3 to someone else's chapter 30," Scott added. "If you're feeling down or defeated, I want you to know it's ok. Start with this one thing—kindness. Everything you say to your body is important because it's listening."

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To end her post, Scott shared a simple way you can start going easy on yourself and practice self-love.

"Start with 'I am beautiful. I am capable. I am worthy of my goals & dreams. I am exactly where I need to be today. I can do this. I am loved. And I am so grateful for this body, my beating heart & my beautiful mind,'" she wrote. "Every decision you make, make it with self-love... because you deserve it."

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