"Maybe STFU about women's bodies"


Katie Sturino has built an empire by creating plus-size versions of other celebrities' looks. The founder of Megababe and fashion blogger has been vocal about her effort to normalize all body sizes in the fashion industry, but unfortunately, not everyone is receptive to her mission.

On Tuesday, Sturino shared an equally heartbreaking and infuriating series of photos that showed just a few of the nasty comments she’s received. The screenshots included some pretty awful messages in response to a photos of Sturino and Meghan Markle wearing similar outfits.

“She looks like she ate Meghan Markle...and stole her dress,” wrote one commenter. Others said, “Body positivity is a lot easier when you don’t look like a cow,” and “Put a yellow raincoat on her, plus red earrings, and she would look like the back of a school bus."

But Sturino fired back: “FFS, every time I think we have made so much progress about our bodies and the way we talk about women, something pops up to remind me our work is not done!!!,” Sturino wrote in her caption. “My #SuperSizeTheLook shots with Meghan Markle got picked up and the comments are brutal...they do not hurt my feelings, but they are scary! It’s scary that a woman who is almost the average size in this country would be regarded with such shock!”

Sturino said that it wasn’t just scary to read what the haters wrote about her body—the fact that they also attacked Meghan Markle is proof that people can’t stop criticizing women’s bodies.

“Can’t be thin. Can’t be fat. Maybe STFU ABOUT WOMENS BODIES!!!!!” she wrote. “All this to say, please keep spreading positivity. Please keep shining bright. Please don’t engage with the crazies in the comments. PLEASE DO LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND TELL HER THAT YOU LOVE HER!!!!!! ( I just did)”

Sturino ended her message by writing that there is currently a “war on women’s bodies” and that despite the negativity, women need to work together to fight to stay positive for each other.

Thankfully, her followers proved that the world isn’t entirely unkind. Sturino received plenty of comments in support of her message.

“People fear progress, the world is changing for the better and many of those who benefited from the previous systems are afraid and cowardly,” one person wrote. “The work you’re doing is important, it wouldn’t anger them if it wasn’t. Keep going, keep thriving, their time is coming to a close.”

Hunter McGrady, another plus sized model, also commented on Sturino's post: "Yep. Get these comments every. Single. Day. It’s unbelievable how people will easily hide behind a computer screen," she said. "We need so much love in this world right now. It’s so much easier to hate.. its lazy. Time to speak positively about people."

While these sort of comments are likely not going anywhere anytime soon, Sturino's message seems to be resonating with her followers—and hopefully spreading some positivity, too.

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