He taught it to his kids, and now they get inspiration from it, too.


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Karamo Brown’s positive persona and incredible style aren’t just for show. The reality TV star, who is best known for his ‘culture’ expertise on Netflix’s Queer Eye, is just as effervescent off screen as he is on. We asked Brown about the mantra he relies on to maintain his bubbly personality. It's one we've never heard of—but plan to keep in mind.

“The mantra I live by is ‘I am perfectly designed,’” he tells Health. “We live in a society where people tell us we are not good enough, that we don’t look good enough, that we’ll never achieve the dreams that we want. And I believe that if I remind myself every day that I am perfectly designed, I have all the tools within me, and the ability to ask for help, I’ll always have the life that I want, and I’ll always feel good about myself. So remind yourself that you are perfectly designed, too.”

Brown says he came up with the mantra himself, but it grew out of his Christian background, which holds that he was made perfectly in the eyes of God. Brown says that his mantra goes beyond religion, though, and he believes that anyone can use it to help love and appreciate themselves a little more. 

“It’s a constant reminder for myself," he says. His mantra has also been particularly helpful as he raises his two sons, Jason and Chris. 

“I actually taught them the mantra as well, so when they get bullied, they could feel like they were perfectly designed—they could be proud of who they are as well and know they could accomplish anything,” he says. “And it's worked.”

Brown says that he hopes his mantra will resonate with others who need a self-esteem boost and a reminder to love the skin they're in. 

These days, negative messages are everywhere, says Brown. "And if you can remind yourself that you are good enough and that you can have the life you want, and deserve...you can start going after your dreams."

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