Jessamyn Stanley Poses in Lingerie to Share an Insanely Candid Close-Up of Her Stretch Marks

She isn't afraid to show off her body au naturel.

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: Jessamyn Stanley is our body-positivity queen. And her latest Instagram post is the perfect example of why she wears the crown.

"The greatest g—damn gift I've ever received has been learning to be myself," Stanley wrote alongside a shot of her rocking a lavender lingerie set from ThirdLove (which we'll be buying in every color, BTW).

She went on to say, "I didn't know I could do it on my own. I always thought I needed help to know myself." We feel you, girl. Realizing your own strength is often the hardest part of the journey to self-love.

Stanley admits she hasn't always loved her body. In a previous interview with Health, she said, "If I could go back and talk to myself when I was younger—because I used to have horrific body image—I'd tell myself, 'Don't think about what other people think about you; you think about what you think about you.'"

She also said that part of the reason she loves teaching is that she's breaking yoga stereotypes. "There is this stereotypical idea, this physical picture that comes with it, which is typically a slender, white, traditionally educated, and affluent woman, and if you are not that then you are automatically different."

Yoga isn't about how you look doing it; it's about feeling good in the skin you're in. That's the message Stanley is spreading and we're so here for it.

"I cannot be contained within a definition," she said. "I think that it is important for other people to see that and to acknowledge that they don't have to be contained by a definition either, and they can just be whoever they are."

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