Jessamyn Stanley Just Posted a Fierce Half-Naked Photo to Promote Body Positivity

She doesn't hold anything back online.

We can always count on Jessamyn Stanley to deliver the dose of body positivity we need to get through the day. Recently, she shared a side view, half-clothed shot of herself, captioning it with a reminder to her followers that she’s still on her self-love journey...just like the rest of us.

“Every day getting a little closer to accepting this side view,” Stanley wrote alongside a fierce-looking photo while she holds a red cosplay costume over the front of her body with fiery hair and lipstick to match.

Stanley shows us how she practices body-positivity on a regular basis on her Instagram. Just a week ago, she posted about adjusting her form during yoga to make her stomach more comfortable.

“Now, instead of working on ‘picture perfect alignment,’ I’m getting to a place of comfort with finding ‘alignment that feels picture perfect in MY body,’” she wrote.

By opening her thighs to give her midsection more space, Stanley seriously improved her posture, she said. But allowing herself to make that change wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

“I wouldn’t have gotten to this good shit without accepting my stomach as a legit part of my body. Instead of treating it as an unwanted guest,” she wrote.

When you find yourself being critical of your appearance, don’t get frustrated. Let the moment pass, and give yourself time to redirect your thoughts to something you love about yourself. And if you ever need extra inspiration, just look to Stanley’s page.

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