Jenna Jameson Shares the Most Relatable Thing About Self-Care Since Getting Sober and Becoming a Mom

"Being in recovery forces you to stay accountable and sort through your feelings. That to me is self care."

Have you noticed your definition of self-care changes as you age? Maybe a few years ago, me time involved a tub of ice cream and your favorite TV show, but now it looks like an acai bowl after your go-to yoga class. Jenna Jameson says her definition of self-care has certainly evolved, especially since becoming a mom and entering recovery.

“Finding new ways of ‘self care.’ Gone are the days of non stop salon trips, spa days and shopping excursions. Now my days are filled with [the children’s video series] Badanamu on Youtube and picking up flashcards and Tupperware off the floor thousands of times in a row,” Jameson wrote in an August 21 Instagram post.

She went on to explain that how she takes care of her mind and body has changed now that she’s sober. “Being in recovery forces you to stay accountable and sort through your feelings. THAT to me is self care,” she captioned a photo of herself sitting cross-legged in front of a mirror.

Jameson said she takes time each day for self-reflection, but she admits she didn’t used to do so because she couldn’t clear her mind of “demons.” Thankfully, she’s been able to move past that and find peace.

“Peace to stay sober and to achieve what I normally thought was impossible. So Batelli’s nap time doubles as meditation time for mama,” she wrote, referencing her baby daughter.

Meditation can be extremely calming, but if it’s not for you, there are plenty of other self-care options.

"Self-care may mean different things to different people, but I consider it anything that you do to make yourself feel and function at your best," Mia Finkelston, MD, a family physician who treats patients via the telehealth app LiveHealth Online, previously told Health. Some examples are working out, cleaning the house, getting outside, and reading a book.

Whatever your definition of self-care may be, take Jameson’s advice and never let life get in the way of your me time.

“I hope you’re able to find a few minutes to examine how you feel, it’s freeing,” she ended her post.

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