Jameela Jamil Just Zoomed In on Her 'Back Fat' to Make a Big Point About Photoshopping

Here. For. It.

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Jameela Jamil is known for not taking any BS and calling other celebrities out for airbrushing their photos. Now, it turns out, her voice really has made a difference.

On Sunday, Jamil shared a promotional photo from the final season of The Good Place, which showed her posing in a strapless yellow dress alongside her cast mates—in all her unairbrushed glory.

“Finally able to INSIST my image, even on billboards isn’t ever airbrushed,” she wrote in a Tweet. “I get backfat in Every. Single. Bra. And I used to hide/bin so many photos because of 'muffin tops.' Double chins/ 'imperfections' because I never saw them on people on TV.”

She also shared the post on Instagram, adding a lengthier caption to her original message, and addressing any issues anyone might have with her previous post. "I’m aware this may not seem that deep, or 'brave' but it’s a win for teenage and twenty something me who suffered with such obsessive body dysmorphia and fixation on anything society deemed a flaw," she wrote. "So it’s a little win for teenage anorexic me. Tag someone who needs to see this. We can break out of this prison of self hate together."

(Just a quick FYI: Body dysmorphia, or BDD, is a mental health condition that involves an unhealthy and excessive preoccupation with one’s physical appearance. It's also pretty common; an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. struggle with BDD, according to the International OCD Foundation.)

Jamil also went on to say how she believes her unairbrushed photo a step in the right direction for Hollywood in general. "I love to expose all the shit that happens in this industry, to make us all feel sad, so you can see that it’s not you who is the problem, it’s THEM," she wrote. "To any other actors, influencers or models that follow me, please join me in this and fight back against the use of airbrushing that makes others try to reach standards that we #ourselves can’t meet."

Her message received tons of support from fans, with dozens of followers commenting on how uplifting her post was.

“This is going to sound silly, but this kind of took my breath away,” one user responded. “Like. It was a mental gasp, and ‘Wait, but my bra fits me that way too!’ And then I teared up. Thank you @jameelajamil. You really are making a difference.”

But again, Jamil's no stranger to the world of body positivity. She has publicly called out the Kardashians for promoting diet teas and photoshopping their images. In February, she posted a photo to Instagram promoting a petition to remove weight loss products from social media.

"Please sign and share this petition wherever you can so we can get these bullshit diet/detox products off social media, where they are being peddled to unsuspecting young people who genuinely believe they will look like their idols if they take that shit," she wrote in her caption. "They don’t know about photoshop, surgeons, personal trainers and chefs and starvation diets all of which are how you achieve the aesthetic you are being sold."

We are so here for Jamil's message—and she just gave us yet another reason to be excited for the The Good Place finale.

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