Ivirlei Brookes Uses This Mantra to Feel Optimistic and Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Repeat this mantra when things are going bad—or good.

Mantras are a powerful method to help reprogram your brain and help you find happiness, peace, and overcome hardships. "A person never grows old until their regrets replace their dreams," actress and Mavenelle mentorship founder Ivirlei Brookes tells Health. Brookes first heard this mantra on the street as a teen, and it stuck with her ever since.

The saying reminds her to focus on what she can and will do—rather than simply what she can. Brookes, who's currently organizing anti-racist workshops, repeats it to herself to stay grounded and feel optimistic about the future.

Brookes has another favorite mantra: "It's never happening to me, it's happening for me." In other words, instead of wondering why something tough is challenging her, she flips things around and reminds herself that everything happens for reason—even when it feels good or bad.

"Any time I feel stressed or [as if I'm] not doing enough or impostor syndrome kicks in, it reminds me to be grateful for what I have," says Brookes. "I feel like everything that I go through happens for the greater good." Her healthy degree of optimism has helped her rack up success.

Both of these mantras can serve as quarantine inspiration, reminding you to never stop dreaming and looking on the bright side, even when things feel dark.

You can watch the rest of Ivirlei's mantras in the video above.

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