Admit it, we've all been there.

Let’s be honest, if you don’t give in to the urge to indulge sometimes, you’re not really living—a motto Iskra Lawrence clearly agrees with. The model and body-positivity advocate recently posted a photo of herself enjoying a burger in the backseat of a car in her bra and underwear. Hey, if you don’t say yes to yourself, who’s going to do it for you?

In the caption, the 28-year-old said she gets seriously excited when digging into a burger (uh, who doesn’t?). Another thing she’s “buzzing” about: her recent appearance on Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast.

“Hopefully me opening up and sharing all about my journey to this point–career, confidence, and trying to live my best life (may involve half naked 🍔 eating sessions)–may inspire you,” she wrote of the episode.

The podcast is titled "Why 'No' Isn't a Negative Word" and takes an inside look at how Lawrence turned rejection at the beginning of her career into motivation to find new ways to make her dreams come true.

As a teenager trying to make it as a model, Lawrence was told she was “too big” for traditional modeling and “too small” for plus-size. “Part of you just wants to give it all up, part of you is just like, ‘Well, I’m never going to be good enough. I’m never going to fit this ideal. Should I just stop this?’” she says in the podcast.

But instead of backing down, Lawrence saw her experience as an opportunity to pave the way for women of all shapes and sizes to have a place in the modeling industry.

Her success stemmed from an ability to view rejection as just another part of the journey, rather than the end of it. “That ‘no’ for me is just a ‘not right now’ or a ‘let’s get more creative, let’s sit down, and let me brainstorm how I can go there and really convince them,’” she says.

She also had to learn how to have faith in herself and be her own biggest advocate. “It’s too easy to let a ‘no’ stop you. Don’t be that person. You are resilient. You are strong. There is so much that you are capable of.”

Now, Lawrence is one of the faces of the Photoshop-free #AerieREAL campaign and is represented by some of the top agencies in the world. She actively spreads the story of how grueling her road to success was to show others that dreams don't come true overnight, and anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

"Life is yours and you have the power to make it what you dream of," Lawrence wrote in her caption. Just remember, all of the times you’ve heard "no" will only make it that much sweeter when you finally hear "yes."

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