11 Letter Board Quotes That Will Inspire You

From letter board ideas to funny letter board quotes here are some of the top letter boards we have seen.

Introducing the obsession: letter boards. From motivational mantras to relatable phrases, these letter board quotes add a classic, subtle piece of inspiration to our day.

With help from Instagram bloggers, Health rounded up 11 of the best letter boards that we've seen over the past few months. Whether you need a reminder, a good laugh, or the perfect Pinterest Pin, these options have you covered.

Food for Thought

Can't bear the thought of setting down your phone? Tend to check who's viewed your Instagram story a few too many times? This quote from Debrosse will remind you to look away from the screen in your palm.


Be (Slightly) Wild and Free

In bed by 9:30? That's an idea we can get behind. This adorable bit of wisdom from Girls' Night In Club will encourage you to think more about enjoying the moment, while also making sure you get enough Zzzs.


Take Action

Everyone has (at least) one thing on their bucket list. This post from Popflex is motivating us to choose "day one" over "one day."


Feel Grateful

The holidays aren't the only time to give thanks. This motivational (not to mention gorgeous) letter board from Bethany Grace promotes the idea of appreciating everything you have.


Seize the Day

Whether it's January 1 or the middle of the summer, you can always start fresh. Thanks to this post by Erin Falacho, we're confident all we need is a cup of tea and a gentle push to take more chances.


A Friendly Reminder

Never forget your worth. This board from Jenessa Wait is the perfect addition to your office, Pinterest board, or anywhere else you need to remind yourself of your potential.


Bundle Up

When the weather outside is frightful...it's time for a night in. This cozy board from ElskaBody tells us it's okay to embrace our hygge habits and do a little self-care.


Don't Worry...

Be happy! Slippers, blush tones, hot cocoa, and marshmallows are just a few of many reasons My Secret Fashion Diary (and we) should make feeling good a priority.


Find Your People

Simple and minimalist, this board from Kaylyn Van Driesum is as beautiful as its message: to surround yourself with your good friends and family.


Be Patient (Or at Least Try)

This hilarious board from DefywithDena is perfect for the ultimate avocado lover. Just like a well-though-out board, good things take time.


It's Never Too Late

We love this message from the now-viral letter board made by Words & Co. January isn't the only month to renew. Starting February 1 (or 2 or 28...) is just fine.

Letter Board 11

Pin these fun, inspirational, and motivational letter board ideas when you go to your own Pinterest board this weekend, and tag us on Instagram to let us know when they're up.

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