Body Positivity Influencers Pose in Swimsuits That Show Off Their Scars and Cellulite

It's the message we need for summer—because every body is a beach body.

"Body positivity is an important message to share, and it means having respect for all kinds of bodies regardless of beauty, size, abilities, or genders," says influencer Callie Thorpe.

With summer in full swing, a lot of us are still on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. But even when we find a suit we think is flattering, we're not always confident wearing it on the beach, at the pool, or even in our own backyards—afraid that it doesn't conceal what we view as our body flaws.

Instagram influencer and body positivity advocate Callie Thorpe, however, is here to change our minds. She recently posted a photo with a diverse group of friends and fellow influencers in Mykonos, Greece. In the photo, the women are in bathing suits sporting their cellulite, scars, bruises, and back rolls—and she can't get enough of it. (Neither can we!)

"When I saw the image, I loved how different all our bodies looked together, which inspired my post," Thorpe tells Health.

"Diversity is beautiful and important and representation matters," she continues. "Sharing these kinds of images allows people to see bodies like theirs that aren't airbrushed and photoshopped. It reminds people that it's okay to embrace the things we are told to dislike, like cellulite, spots, and scars."

In the post, Thorpe urged her followers to enjoy the best things summer has to offer—eat ice cream, head to the beach, or relax on giant pool floaties—without feeling the need to cover up or worry about what they look like in a photo.

What started out as a sweet shot with close friends soon turned into a viral post that resonated with so many. Fans thanked the Instagram star for her inspiring message of body acceptance, and many said it serves as a constant reminder that the skin they're in is beautiful, just the way it is.

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