This Influencer Shared a Video She Had Previously Hidden Because It Made Her Feel Self-Conscious About Her Body

Her revealing post sparked a powerful conversation about what body positivity really means.

Several months ago, Adaleta Avdić, a 28-year-old influencer from Arizona, went on vacation in Mexico. She had a photo and video of herself in a bathing suit from the trip, but she went back and forth on whether to post the images on social media because she was insecure about how her body looked.

On January 4, she made her decision. She took to Instagram and posted the images—and wrote a caption that explained why she held off for so long and how body insecurity made her miss out on the fun of a sunny beach vacation.

⁣”I felt like sharing my body was taboo," she wrote, explaining that she preferred to cover up in clothes "and none of it really shows my curves. WHY? i’ve been trying to figure that out myself,” she continued.

Her lengthy caption sparked a conversation on what body positivity really means. Avdić said that she recently got into a disagreement about the true definition of the term, so she turned to her followers to get an answer. Most of the respondents said that body positivity is all about mental health.

“If your mental health isn’t in a good place, you just can’t be body positive. the same went with eating poorly everyday and never exercising,” she wrote, summing up what many of her followers told her.

Avdić then shared that in her case, finding a healthy routine that worked for her was also part of her journey toward becoming body positive.

“From my own experience, the worst i’ve ever felt is when i stayed on the couch for 6 months and didn’t do any workouts and ate in n out for dinner and breakfast burritos in the morning. so fast forward to the girl in this picture who does a LOT more now,” she wrote.

She explained that now, her routine consists of activities like CrossFit and walking, as well as drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. This lifestyle change has made her feel like “an amazing piece of art.”

“i don’t care if someone is 250 lbs or 110. you as a person are defined by your heart & the kindness you posses. NOT BY A SCALE,” she wrote, adding, “my body is not perfect, but that is the very thing that makes it beautiful.”

Avdić’s uplifting message and confidence in posting her bathing suit images received more than 14,000+ likes and hundreds of comments. Plenty of her followers chimed in, writing about how much her post meant to them and adding their own definition of body positivity.

"Girl you are amazing! Inside and out! Body positivity is how each individual feels about their body," one person commented. "If you feel good that's all that matters."

"I was feeling the same way about my body. I feel looking back that I missed out on such wonderful photo ops with my family to remember our memories we created because I was self conscious of my body," another wrote. "Never again will I let others opinions dictate what I know I can do and feel."

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