Her booty got big and round in less than one minute.


You probably see #bootygoals pop up on your timeline 100 times a day, but one influencer is showing us the reality behind those enviable butt images.

“This ‘booty transformation’ took exactly 20 seconds. Don’t believe everything you see on social media my friends,” Rini Frey wrote in an August 15 Instagram post. In the photo, Frey is showing off her "before" booty at 11:15 a.m. and her "after" booty just one minute later at 11:16 a.m.

This side-by-side shot is proof that you should be skeptical of these types of transformation photos, and you should never compare yourself to someone who appears to have a sculpted behind online.

“Personally, I prefer to work out to move my body and celebrate it, instead of focusing on how to get a big round butt or a small waist or whatever else is currently a trendy beauty ideal,” Frey wrote.

Not everyone exercises for the same reason. If you would rather hit the treadmill than the squat rack, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Working out should be about doing what makes you feel strong, not about trying to tone your glutes to match your favorite blogger’s.

On the other hand, none of us are immune to setbacks. Frey explained she wasn’t always content with her bum. “I was obsessed with my body to a point where it consumed my entire life,” she wrote. Everyone’s journey is different, and adopting an attitude of self-love takes time, but making actionable goals will push you in the right direction.

Frey suggested going a day without scrolling through Instagram. She said, “instead spend your free time texting someone and tell them why you love them, or better yet, call them? These little things make us a lot happier than playing the comparison game.”

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