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Q: I have huge nipples! It's so embarrassing because I always have the dreaded 'headlights' look.

A: Poor thing. Even those of us with smaller nips know how you feel-there's nothing more maddening than seeming like you're flaunting your body when you'd actually give anything to have your body stand out less. This may make you feel better: Nipples come in all sizes, and they're all normal. As you probably know, all nipples swell and become erect when we're sexually aroused. This natural process also happens when the tiny muscles around the nipples are stimulated-by cold or from something rubbing them (like a shirt or bra).

In addition to having more prominent nipples, you may be more sensitive than other women to these stimuli. The best solution: new padded bras. They work wonders, preventing unwanted stimulation from your bra or shirt and helping conceal your bumps. Also, wearing thicker fabrics like cotton makes it harder for the headlights to shine through.

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