How to Stop Motion Sickness

Trains, planes and automobiles have you feeling queasy? The top three antidotes and when to use them.

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Trains, planes and automobiles have you feeling queasy? Compare these antidotes.


The upside: Research shows that it works. One study discovered that people who took ginger supplements before being subjected to simulated spinning were less nauseated than a control group.
The downside: It may be less reliable than meds.
Best if: You want an herbal solution to the misery. Try a 1,000-milligram supplement about an hour before your trip.


The upside: This antihistamine blocks some of the signals in the brain that induce nausea and vomiting.
The downside: It can also cause drowsiness.
Best if: You’re prone to vomiting. Take the recommended dose 30 minutes before traveling.

Prescription patches
The upside: Worn behind the ear, they release a steady dose of a drug called scopolamine over three days.
The downside: The patch can interfere with other drugs.
Best if: You’re going on a cruise or road trip that spans a few days. Apply the patch four hours before you leave.


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