Ever wonder what those in the relaxation biz swear by to create a tranquil mood? Here, their shopping list.

The Comphy Co. Eye Pillow ($21.95) wins rave reviews from the Spa at Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, for its beautiful design, organic-flaxseed filling, and built-in pockets, perfect for holding healing gemstones or aromatherapy oils.

Natures Wash Cloth ($10 for a package of three) from Coulee Organic Knits is a favorite at Green Valley Spa and Resort in St. George, Utah. Use it to gently buff and coddle skin.

Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience CD ($14.99) fills the air at Spa Grande, Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa in Maui, Hawaii, helping guests slow their racing minds and melt away any tension.

Red Flower Petal Topped Candles ($34) lend aroma and ambiance to the Spa at Mount Washington Resort, releasing the restorative scents of French lavender and Icelandic moonflower.

Mighty Leaf Teas ($16–$32), herbal loose-leaf blends rife with antioxidants and free of caffeine, put visitors at the Ritz-Carlton Spa in Orlando, Grande Lakes, Florida, in a mellow mood.