How I'm Nailing My Diabetes With Some Natural Changes

IstockphotoBack in November, I began a cutting-edge anti-diabetes program created by Eric R. Braverman, MD, a clinical assistant professor of integrative medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, in New York City. When I met him, Dr. Braverman told me that pretty much everything I knew about managing my type 2 diabetes was wrong. That news rocked my world—after all, Ive been writing about natural healing for nearly 20 years, so youd think Id have a handle on things. But no. Id been in total denial for years about my own health, even as the pounds crept on, diabetes set in, and I became a prime candidate for a heart attack.
What was astounding—and incredibly comforting—about Dr. Bravermans approach is that it erased my guilt about not sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan. I assumed I was just too lazy and undisciplined—a loser, diet- and exercise-wise. But as it turns out, my brain chemicals, not me, were to blame.

I followed (most of) the plan
The first thing Dr. Braverman did back in November was to put me through a battery of tests to determine my brain chemistry. Read more about that here. Once he found out where I stood, he prescribed drugs to control my high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. He also tailored a hormone and supplement regimen that addresses my specific needs.

Then, his nutritionist put me on this eating plan, which Im still following (except, of course, on holidays and special occasions).

Ginger tea with raw honey and lemon Omelet, sprouted toast spread with a little butteror Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, especially walnuts, plus a teaspoon of cinnamon

Chicken or fish salad, lots of mixed greens, flax oil dressing

Veggie sticks with hummus or fruit with nut butter or small handful trail mix

Meat or fish, veggies, and complex carbohydrate (for me, that means winter squash, sweet potatoes, or beans)

Plus: Use herbs and spices liberally in your cooking and choose a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for their many health benefits, says Dr. Braverman.

Five months to a healthier me
At my five-month checkup yesterday, I got great news. Id lost 3 more pounds since my visit three weeks ago, and now Im close to my goal weight. Better still, my diabetes is finally under control. My blood pressure and cholesterol are normal, and other important heart-health and diabetes markers are substantially improved.

But Im not done yet. I still have to develop muscle and lose body fat. I still need to get fitter. The miserable East Coast winter and horrific deadline pressures dealt the deathblow to my exercise regimen. But now that its spring and my books finished, I plan to start walking and biking again. Hopefully, in three months or so, Ill be my fittest self. That wont mean running marathons, mind you, but it will mean staying energetic and vibrant for many more years to come.

Create your own plan
You can follow many aspects of Dr. Bravermans program by visiting his website, His books, Younger (Thinner) You Diet and The Edge Effect, outline his diet, exercise, and supplement plans. You can also contact his office to find like-minded physicians in your neck of the woods.

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