We can't get enough of Left Shark.


Katy who? Last night's halftime show was without a doubt stolen by the cartoon shark background dancers, especially "Left Shark," who the Internet collectively named MVP.

If you need another excuse to watch the shark dance that was hands-down the highlight of last night's game, here you go: it might be a good workout. Not only are the guys underneath the shark suits impressively ripped, the only reason we can come up with Left Shark's lack of coordination is, hey, that routine must be way harder than it looks.

I mean, who hasn't been the totally off-beat girl at the end of Zumba? It's hard to keep up when you're pooped.

But as you probably already know, it doesn't matter how much you exercise if you spend all day sitting. And since laughing can also help reduce your blood pressure, why not get up from your chair or the couch and dance yourself silly?

Try to follow Right Shark's routine, but don't feel too bad if you're more of a Left Shark:

Another helpful visual: