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Whats your main source of holiday stress? Finances, according to 55 percent of respondents to a Family Credit Counseling Service Survey. Thats because women tend to think “bigger is better,” which leads to overspending, says Jennifer Openshaw, author of The Millionaire Zone: Seven Winning Steps to a Seven-Figure Fortune. Its better to buy a small gift that really speaks to the recipient than something expensive. And by cutting out a few daily expenses, you might just be able to save enough for some meaningful gifts. helped us come up with this chart to show you the way.

Skip this ...Save this ...Buy this!

12 lattes


pedicure for Mom

8 lunches out (at $7 each)


personal-training session for your sister

3 CDs


one-year subscription to Sports Illustrated for Dad

1 dinner-and-a-movie date


new gym bag for your sweetie

4 extras at Target (wastebasket, pair of sweats, bag of chips, and a new nail polish)


golf lesson for your brother

2 manicures


funky pair of Keds for your niece

Quick tip
Pay for $1,000 in gifts …

…With a credit card
Youll spend $400 in interest if you pay it off in a year; $50 in interest if you pay it off by March.

…With a debit card or cash
Youll save enough money to buy a months worth of groceries or get a gym membership.