"When I get comments on these images complimenting my sexiness, it can feel a bit off."

By Christina Oehler
Updated February 24, 2021

Anna O’Brien, better known as Glitter + Lazers, uses social media to promote body positivity and size inclusiveness among her 361K followers. But her latest post tackles another topic: how sometimes her messages are taken the wrong way.

On July 2, O’Brien posted a photo of herself posing in a bikini on Instagram. Shot from behind, it shows off the blogger's revealing two piece and backside—but O'Brien explained that the bootylicious photo wasn't meant to be sexy.

“I’ve always struggled showing the back of my body in photos,” O’Brien wrote in her caption. “Even though these images are never intended to be sexual, because of the shape of my body they get perceived as such. It’s especially difficult for me, because I would not consider myself an overtly sexual person (nothing wrong with being so, it’s just not something I identify with).”

O'Brien explained that while she often gets compliments on her empowering images, they aren't the kind of comments she is looking to receive.

“When I get comments on these images complimenting my sexiness, it can feel a bit off- especially when it’s not what I was hoping to portray,” she continued. “Images like this, are literally just a different side of my body. Life is experienced in all angles.”

O'Brien has shared dozens of bikini photos to her Instagram account, proving that body shape and beauty aren't mutually exclusive. Last year, the blogger shared that she was asked to stop taking pictures in a bikini because of her size. After the incident, she opened up to People about plus size bodies and their representation in the media.

“I think it just goes to show that a plus size woman wearing what every other woman wears is still foreign and scary to a lot of people,” she told People. “It’s a reminder that taking images like this is important—to normalize them.”

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