Flyby Deep Tissue Massage Gun Is Called a 'Miracle' for Easing Neck and Back Pain

It delivers a targeted treatment with up to 3,200 vibrations per minute that relax muscles, prevents soreness, and breaks up scar tissue.

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Massaging after sitting behind your desk all day or weight training. Shoulder and neck pain relief.
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Body aches and pains are just as prevalent as they seem; At least 54% of U.S. adults suffer from a musculoskeletal pain disorder, according to a 2012 survey by the National Center for Health Statistics. While the right method for treating chronic pain differs from person to person—and is best prescribed by a doctor—there's one helpful tool on Amazon that's giving people some relief: the Flyby F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

The Flyby F1Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The powerful percussion gun has an oscillating head that penetrates the muscles with vibrations. Also known as vibration therapy, the process encourages blood flow and flushes excess fluids to reduce inflammation, relax tight muscles, and even break up scar tissue. Better yet, a 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found that vibration therapy was just as effective as massage therapy at preventing delayed onset muscle soreness.

As a result, the targeted treatment—which delivers up to 3,200 repetitions per minute—has been used by shoppers to successfully soothe everything from chronic neck pain to lower back issues. One reviewer even went so far as to call it "life-changing" after it helped with not only stiffness in their neck and back, but their legs, too.


What Customers Say

"A magical miracle," wrote another shopper, "I am disabled with arthritis, nerve damage, an amputation, degenerative discs, neuropathy, and more. Usually [I'm in] pain all the time, but this massager literally beats the muscle knots out in one or two 20-minute sessions. I went from 6 morphine tablets a day to 2. Recommended to anyone needing pain relief."

Another confirmed: "I live with debilitating chronic pain and severe muscle spasms. This thing rocks! The bullet tip is awesome to really get into a spasm, the flat tip works awesome for my back, [and] the U-shaped tip is great for relieving tension headaches."

Even though the specific pain relief needs of each user differs drastically, more than 2,600 people have left the device a perfect review. And it's easy to see why: It packs a 4-hour battery life, comes with 6 attachment heads, and weighs less than 2 pounds. Plus, it's quieter than an electric toothbrush, even at full speed.

And despite this impressive list of benefits, the massage gun costs less than $120. Better yet, it's currently 42% off right now, making the final cost an impressive $70. Considering most brand-name massage guns come with a high price tag, it's obvious why shoppers can't get enough for this pain-relieving pick.

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