This Influencer Posed in Her Bra and Leggings to Prove That Social Media Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

This is what you don't see when you scroll Instagram.

Ever scroll through images of your favorite bloggers and wonder how they can look so perfect, or why they always seem so happy? Well it’s time for a reality check, courtesy of fitness influencer Nina Zeiler.

In a recent Instagram post, Zeiler reminds us that behind those seemingly flawless photos are normal human beings with their own insecurities.

“It’s funny how you can feel you ‘know’ people you follow on social media. You see what seems to be their life, what they are like, how they are feeling. But do you really?” Zeiler captioned her post, which featured side-by-side images she took of herself posing in a bra and leggings.

In her post, Zeiler wrote "what you see" on one of the images, which shows her to be the fit, strong, and confident dancer she is. Next to it is a photo that says "what you don’t see"—that she lives with chronic illness, is often bloated (and insecure about the bloat), and has anxiety.

“Yes I am into fitness, I pole dance, can be flexible and have some strength, love promoting body confidence and share my happiness. But anyone who thinks that is all of me and my life is so mistaken,” she wrote.

Zeiler went into more detail covering the things she leaves out of her photos. “I don’t share my frustrations with my chronic illness, the lengths I go to day-to-day to stay healthy enough to live a semi-normal life,” she wrote. “My feeling that I’m not actually *that* strong, that somehow I manage to fake a sense of fitness, haunts me with every workout and yet who would know to look at my feed?”

Spilling your insecurities online is definitely not easy, and we give Zeiler a lot of credit. Next time you start to compare yourself to someone on social media, think of her message.

Influencers and others on social media "have their bad days, their insecurities and problems and life lessons they’re learning too," she wrote. "Remember that you only get to see 5% of someone’s world.”

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