Humans aren't the only ones who need saving in fires. Here are three adorable instances of firefighters rescuing pets.

It's always good news any time firefighters are able to save someone from a burning building. You've got to admit, though, it's even more aww-worthy to hear about a daring pet rescue. When it comes to fires, we tend to forget humans aren't the only ones who need saving.

Your Friday will feel a lot more warm and fuzzy after reading about these three adorable examples of firefighters rescuing pets.

Dog rescue

After rescuing a woman from a house fire in Virginia on Thursday, two firefighters went right back into the flames to find her dog, Kaiser. The 90-pound German Shepard mix was unresponsive, reports. That didn't stop one of the firefighters from trying to revive the dog with an adult oxygen mask. It worked! Within about five minutes, Kaiser was moving and wagging his tail.

Hamster rescue

Tiny oxygen masks turned out to be real life-savers for a family of five hamsters, reports ABC News. After extinguishing a mobile home fire in Washington state last month, firefighters found the mom and dad, Madonna and Oreo, huddling in their cage with three babies. It just so happens the firefighters had a “Pet Emergency Pocket Guide” and specially designed first aid equipment to get the critters oxygen. Sadly one of the babies didn't survive, but the rest of the family turned out fine.

Cat rescue

When South Carolina firefighters pulled a cat from a burning home in June, the crew made a gallant effort to revive him using CPR, according to the Huffington Post. The feline named Soldier became responsive within a few minutes thanks to a special pet oxygen mask the department received from the Wag'N O2 Fur Life Program. They've has provided more than 6,200 pet oxygen mask kits to nearly 3,000 fire departments in North America.