I Blamed Myself When a Guy Wouldn't Introduce Me to His Friends Because I Wasn't 'Skinny Enough'

If you've ever been weight-shamed, you'll understand this body-positive blogger's emotional response.

A recent Instagram post from Dallas blogger Casey Walker is a must-read for anyone who’s ever been made to feel not good enough.

In the lengthy caption alongside a photo of herself in all her naked glory, Walker reveals that six years ago she was “talking” to a guy who was embarrassed to introduce her to his friends as the girl he was seeing.

This guy said all the things Walker wanted to hear: She was beautiful, she was the first person he thought of every morning and the last person he wanted to talk to at night, he missed her when they weren’t together, and he was falling head over heels for her.

But to his friends, it was another story. “i was his fat girl fantasy. i was someone he was trying to sleep with. i was an annoying girl who wouldn’t take no for an answer (sic),” Walker wrote.

She also said his friends would send him messages asking if he was “the mayor of titty city yet” and asking to send them pictures of him and Walker “doing it.”

Walker was “crushed” to find out what was going on, when the guy asked her to check his phone to see what his mom had replied back to him because he was playing video games. But it wasn’t his mom, it was his friends. ⠀⠀

“Instead of calling him out about it and questioning what was going on, i told him i had to leave. i left and cried,” wrote Walker. “i journaled. i was so embarrassed about everything. and i blamed myself for not being skinny enough for him, and his friends (sic).”

Her next three words say it all: “GURL SAY WUT.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. In fact, Walker had forgotten all about that guy until she re-read some old journals recently.

“I had forgotten about my low self esteem,” she wrote. “my deep rooted hatred for my thicker body and big boobs. how embarrassed i felt changing in front of anyone because they’d see my rolls and my dimples. how much hurt i felt, and hid away (sic).”

“TODAY i am thankful to be in a loving relationship,” she continued. “to not worry about my body or what others think of me. to have a voice and not be afraid to stand up for myself when someone is treating me poorly or saying mean things (sic).”

Hundreds of Walker’s followers flooded the comments, thanking her for her honesty and strength. Many of them shared similar experiences of their own, proving that this conversation is only just getting started—and needs to continue.

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