A new app encourages you jot down all your feelings in emoji.

Credit: Getty Images

Truth: "LOL" just doesn't cut it anymore. When something hilarious happens you need emoji (Face With Tears of Joy, if we're being specific) to signal how hard you're laughing. These little faces, characters, or pictograms that show everything from love (Smiling Face With Heart-Shaped Eyes) to disapproval (Thumbs Down Sign) have totally invaded your text conversations. And now they might just take over your journal, too.

That is, if Emojiary has its way. This new app is basically an interactive picture diary meant to help the “emotionally illiterate” tap into their feelings and become more self-aware. Here’s how it works: Emojiary (free, iTunes) checks in with you once a day to ask how you're feeling, and encourages you to respond using a series of emojis, though it will let you use a few words too, if needed. Every entry is then logged, leaving you with an illustrated record of your inner most thoughts over time. (Get it? Emojiary is an emoji diary.)

Photo: Emojiary/iTunes

Multiple studies show that writing down your thoughts, especially the ones about stressful or traumatic events, can boost mood, reduce stress and over time may even protect you from illness. And hey, if you're too strapped for time to actually sit and write, this may be worth a try. Or maybe it's just a super fun way for the iPhone-obsessed among us to practice exclusively expressing themselves in emoji.


(PS: we're aware this guy is technically an emoticon, not an emoji, but we think he works best to sum up our feelings on this matter.)