Loose skin and cellulite can't shake her body peace.

Emily Skye Welcomes Her First Child: 'So Happy to Finally Meet My Gorgeous Girl'
Credit: Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a body positivity icon. She doesn’t shy away from showing off her loose skin and stretch marks since giving birth to her 6-month-old daughter Mia. In fact, she tells Health she doesn’t even think of them as flaws that need fixing.

“I just have so much more respect and appreciation for what my body is capable of,” she says. “I had no understanding of it before, but I literally grew a life, which is amazing. So the little things that before might have gotten to me don’t anymore. I don’t care about the stretch marks; I have flabby skin and cellulite. I also love the way I look now.”

When she was younger, Skye says she dealt with body image issues. Now, she uses her platform to serve as the role model she never had. “I decided to be that for other people,” she says. “To be honest with them and hopefully help people embrace themselves and love their bodies.”

It wasn't easy for her at first. Once Mia was born, Skye says she almost didn’t recognize herself when she looked in the mirror.

“But I had to remind myself of what I’d just been through,” she explains. “It’s not permanent, either. You have the power to get fit again and get healthy—and let go of the thing that you can’t [change]." She tells herself, "If you’re looking in the mirror and don’t like what you see, remember you have a beautiful baby and don’t get too caught up in what you don’t have.”

With her newfound body gratitude, Skye says she started working her way back into a fitness regimen.

“I started walking and just focusing on my posture,” she says. “When you have a baby and you grow a human inside you, your core isn’t as engaged or as strong as it used to be. You have to retrain it to switch back again and work your pelvic floor.”

For Skye, that means standing tall and keeping her core tight, her shoulders back and down. She also incorporated low-impact exercises and used weights for squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and other basic moves. But as she’s shown on Instagram, this hasn’t been an overnight transformation.

“You’re not going to snap back straight away,” she says. “Keep being consistent and patient as well. Take it easy and look after yourself.”

With her candor and encouragement, it’s safe to say Skye is new mom goals. And whether you’ve welcomed a little one into your home or are just trying to get back into a fitness routine, her realistic advice is important to keep in mind.