Ditch the scale!

Updated December 16, 2016

Emily Skye, the Australian fitness icon with millions of followers on social media, wants you to throw your scale away. Why? Simple: it's a huge distraction. Your weight will fluctuate day to day, and it's all too tempting to focus on that number instead of how you're really feeling.

Plus, says Skye, when you start working out regularly and eating clean, you'll start looking more trim and toned—but the number on the scale may actually go up. That's because as you're losing fat, you're gaining muscle. In fact, Skye reveals in this video that at the beginning of her fitness journey, she actually weighed 24 pounds less than she does now, and that today she feels better than ever.

Learn to love your body—no matter what the scale says—with help from Skye and Health. Together, we've created the 30-Day Love Your Strength Challenge, a get-fit program designed to help you become your strongest self, both inside and out.

Watch the video for more about ditching your scale, or read the full transcript below:

Hey ladies, I want to talk about ditching the scale. I know you're all freaking out now. Throw those scales out, because they really don't define you and your progress. And they don't represent health either. When you're stepping on the scale every day and you're looking at how much you're weighing, you're just freaking out because you think, what am I losing or what have I gained today? Let me tell you, every day you're going to change. Your weights going to go up and down. I've actually gained 24 pounds since I first started exercising and eating healthy, and I feel better than ever. If you want to track progress, try taking photos in the same lighting in the same outfit, and then compare. So you can take them weekly or even every two weeks, or you can measure yourself. So it's not about the scales or how much you weigh, it's all about how you feel that's most important. So throw those scales out.