"It's a slow and steady grind."

By Mallory Creveling
November 15, 2019

Real talk: The recovery process after having a baby doesn’t need to happen fast—especially when it comes to getting your weight down or your muscle up. That’s the message CrossFit Games athlete and North Carolina-based trainer, Emily Breeze Ross Watson, wants you to know. Basically, it’s all about being patient with your body.

The Bootcamp with Randy Moss coach recently posted a super-real postpartum photo collage on Instagram, revealing her body two months post-delivery, compared to her body just one week after giving birth to her baby girl Williana Moon Watson.

“Day by day, I don’t see big changes. It’s a slow and steady grind," she wrote in the caption. "I get frustrated in the process because it just freaking takes time. And patience is hard. When I get discouraged (which I do!) I try to focus on how I feel & how amazed I am at what my body has accomplished & how my kiddos are growing each and every week.”

Breeze also wrote that she doesn’t follow fad diets or strict meal plans—and she doesn’t even weigh herself (only when she has to at the doctor’s office!). “I’m all about flexibility and enjoying this sweet life of mine every day,” she says. “No matter where you are today, I encourage you to embrace it with me and let’s all build each other up!”

This isn’t the first time the mom of three shared her post-baby recovery. In the two months since giving birth, Breeze has posted tons of progress pics—including a few up-close shots of her C-section scar and the recovery and healing process that goes along with that. In one video, you can even see her husband peeling off the surgical tape from her scar—and in another one, someone is helping her "break down the scar tissue" associated with her C-section.

Breeze also opened up about her deliveries and why she decided to go with the cesareans. Her message to moms and other women: “My hope is that we all start supporting each other better and take away the feeling that one way is better, or makes you stronger, or more cool, or more of a mom. Having a baby period is pretty damn amazing.”

High five to that—and giving our bodies the time they need to recover.

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