If you're worried about what you might say (or do!) while under anesthesia, just sit back and relax.
Credit: Juliette Borda

Getty ImagesQ: I'm having surgery, and I'm worried the anesthesia will make me say or do something embarrassing. What's the risk?

A: Don't worry—I see sedated patients every day, and I can't recall anyone ever saying anything truly mortifying. Yes, if you're going under general anesthesia (meaning you'll be out completely), you may become disoriented and uninhibited as the drug starts to work. You're usually asleep, though, before you can say or do anything really silly. The risk is a little greater as you're waking up, when the combo of anesthesia and any other medication you've been given may make your brain a bit fuzzy. But doctors are professionals—we're focused on our work, not on hearing juicy bedside confessions. I promise!