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Q: When celebs are hospitalized for exhaustion, what do they have exactly?

A: You got me! 'Exhaustion' is not a medical diagnosis, and it's certainly not one for which you will be admitted to any legit hospital. It is true that if you really overtax your body-by abusing alcohol or drugs, not sleeping for a days on end, starving yourself, or undergoing extreme physical stress (as you might experience doing your own stunts or filming in
a remote location), you can wear yourself out and suffer physical symptoms as a result. Basically, your body starts to act up. Your immune system may get weak, making you more prone to infections-particularly viruses like the one that causes mononucleosis. You may become malnourished or dehydrated and need IV fluids or nutritional supplements. And you're more likely to suffer depression and anxiety, or their precursors-irritability and tearfulness. So if a star gets the 'exhaustion' label, it could be any or all of the above. Or she may just be wiped out. She checks into a clinic for a little R&R, while we may be more inclined to eat ice cream in our pajamas and watch Oprah!

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