This $5 Bath Soak Has Over 17,000 Perfect Ratings—and Shoppers Say It’s the Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

“It's super relaxing—guaranteed to help me prepare for sleep when I have a lot on my mind.”
By Rebecca Deczynski
December 07, 2020
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When you’re a bath person, nothing quite hits the spot like a tub full of steaming hot water, a bathroom lit by a few glowing candles, and a spare hour during which you can simply soak. Add-ins like salts, bath bombs, oils, and bubbles inevitably make the experience even more relaxing, but there’s no need to get complicated. After all, Amazon’s best-selling bath soak is just $5—and with over 17,000 perfect ratings, it might just be the key to your most soothing evening yet.

Dr Teal's Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt ($5; is a cleansing, long-lasting bubble bath that promises to ease sore muscles and relax your mind—the perfect nightcap. According to reviewers, it’s a simple, budget-friendly buy that makes bathtime even better.

“I needed something to help me relax that was not a nap and this did it for me,” wrote one five-star reviewer. I tend to stay awake in bed most nights, but after this bath, I fell asleep right away. I don't take baths too often, but this has inspired me to do this more!”

Credit: Amazon

Because the product contains pure magnesium sulfate (a.k.a. Epsom salts), it has a soothing effect on achy muscles. Although there isn’t a lot of clinical research that can attest to the relaxing powers of Epsom salt, there are considerable testimonials to its effectiveness. “It’s been used for years and years, since 1650—so in a way, you can’t go against 350 years of anecdotal use,” Bret C. Jacobs, clinical assistant professor of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, previously explained to Health

Lavender essential oil also plays an important role in this bath concoction. Studies have found that it can induce a non-sedative calming effect, and that’s likely why shoppers say this bath soak makes for a great stress reliever. (“I can feel the stress and tension melting away from the aromatherapy,” wrote one.) Combine that with the calming effect of hot water, and it’s no wonder several said they found themselves falling asleep faster after using the product in their nighttime bath.

And when compared with other bubble soaks, customers say that Dr Teal’s product creates long-lasting bubbles that’s still gentle on sensitive skin. “It makes my skin [feel] like silk after soaking in the bath,” another five-star reviewer wrote

With all these benefits combined, it’s not too surprising that Dr Teal's Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt has become an Amazon best-seller. When a product can make your skin softer, soothe your stress, and lull you to sleep all for just $5 a bottle, it’s hard not to buy into it.

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