Teen girls reveal the one thing they'd change about themselves.

By Kelly Bryant, MIMIchatter.com
Updated October 05, 2015

When I think back to my middle and high school years, the one thing I wish I had more of is confidence. Dove's latest self-esteem project campaign zones in on the single aspect of themselves teen girls wish they could change…and it will make your younger self tear up.

From curly-haired girls wishing they had straight hair and vice versa, to wanting either darker or lighter skin, each young lady featured will hit home in some way.

A recent study conducted by Dove discovered that nine out of 10 girls want to change at least one thing about their physicality, which is like the impetus behind the powerful video.

Everyone has beautiful qualities, but that doesn't mean we always recognize or appreciate them internally. Dove is hoping to change all of that with their latest campaign. Watch the video and grab a tissue – this one is a bit of a tearjerker. You'll just want to give a hug to each of these girls.