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Getty ImagesQ: I just saw a video of a reporter in Canada who seemed to be drunk during a newscast—just like that correspondent reporting on the Grammys earlier this year. Supposedly, the slurring and weird speech were a result of migraines. Could that be true?

A: Yes, but its very rare. Migraines are sometimes preceded by an aura—a neurological disturbance that can involve anything from tingling or numbness in the face and hands or changes in vision to problems with speech or language. The aura, rather than the migraine itself, is probably to blame for the slurring and disturbed speech in cases like these.

Warning: These types of symptoms can also signal the onset of other, more serious disorders, such as a stroke. So if you experience them, especially if youve never had them before, head to the ER to make sure you get a prompt evaluation and, if needed, emergency treatment.