This Model's Viral Post Calls Out a Major Misconception of Being Curvy

Curves are much more than a trend.

As the body-positivity movement continues to pick up speed, more and more women are embracing their curves. There’s no question our bodies should be celebrated, no matter their shape or size. But there's a case to be made that being curvy has turned into a trend—one that glosses over what it’s actually like to have the body type.

Influencer and curve model Kae Mae is speaking up about her shape suddenly becoming fashionable. “People forget what it actually means to be curvy,” she wrote in a recent Instagram post, “lacerations/bruises/pigmentation around breasts, chafing thighs, stretch marks, never quite fitting into clothes, always sweating," she explained.

She's right. While some brands have embraced curve models in their ads, many are still editing bodies to make them look slimmer or remove so-called imperfections like stretch marks.

Body positivity isn’t always easy, but Mae said she’s learned to love herself—pigmentation, bruises, and all. She also wrote that she isn’t afraid to show people what it’s really like to be curvy, which is exactly what she does on her Instagram.

“Whatever your shape and size, you are beautiful and you are loved,” she wrote, “[it] just takes the right people to show you! (Including yourself!).”

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