Even the most ordinary health and life experiences can take a turn for the OMG, as these women's stories reveal. (Did we mention OMG?)
Credit: Paul Blow

Paul Blow I gave birth in our car
"Snowy weather was my last concern before delivering my third child—we live near Atlanta. But there I was in our SUV with my husband and 4-year-old and 2-year-old daughters, traveling in last January's freak ice storm with contractions five minutes apart. By the time Nick had arrived home from work, it was too late for us to drop off the girls at a friend's house. The highway was a gridlock nightmare, and we inched toward the hospital in the shoulder lane. Everyone kept honking, thinking we were that car trying to sneak in. 'These contractions are getting closer!' I told Nick, who called 911 and put the operator on speakerphone. 'Can you see the baby's head?' she asked. At that moment, I felt it coming out. 'Yes!' Nick yelled. 'OK, you'll have to catch this baby!' she told Nick. We were both in complete disbelief. The girls got scared, so Nick started singing a song to calm them down. Suddenly someone walked up to the car. 'Is there a problem here?' the police officer asked. Nick said, 'Oh, no, we're just having a baby!' I gave a few pushes, and Grace arrived. Minutes later, we were in an ambulance. Talk about a special delivery! The first few pages of Grace's baby book are definitely unique: They're filled with newspaper clips about the 'snowstorm baby' born on I-285."

—Amy Anderson, 32, Marietta, Ga.

I nearly died at the gym...of embarrassment
"One Sunday morning, I was running at a pretty good clip on a treadmill at my gym when I tripped on my shoelace and got flung backward off the machine. I skidded on my stomach, landing in front of more than a dozen people working out. Forget hurt—I was horrified. To save face, I got on an elliptical for 30 minutes. People kept walking by and saying things like 'Good for you,' which only mortified me more. Once my adrenaline stopped pumping, I hobbled home. My knees hurt so much, I couldn't exercise for a few weeks. The upside? I had an excuse not to get on a treadmill for a while!"

—Gigi L., 44, Seattle

Lip injections made me look like a Real Housewife
"I learned an ugly lesson on Election Day 2012, and it had nothing to do with politics. I was a news producer for a TV network. One of my best friends works at a plastic surgeon's office, and she'd been talk-ing up lip injections. When we met for lunch that day, she said she could sneak me onto her doc's schedule. I decided to go for it. I left with perfectly plump lips. An hour later, though, they were so swollen I thought they were going to explode. I was supposed to work the afternoon shift; I called my boss to fess up. No mercy there. She said, 'Well, we've got surgical masks. We'll just tell everyone you had a bad reaction to shrimp.' When she met me in the parking lot, she gasped. All day long, co-workers asked if I was OK—and wondered, I'm sure, whether I had some crazy contagious disease. Meanwhile, I was sneaking off to snap selfies and send them to the surgeon, who assured me the allergic reaction would calm down. It finally did—after three days. Hot tip: Never get lip injections on the most important work day of the year."

—Tammy D., 45, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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I stabbed myself at a dinner party
"I'm a law professor, and for an auction at our law school's big fundraiser I donated dinner for eight students at my house. While they were standing around sipping wine, I went to see if my beef tenderloin was done. As I pulled the oven door open, it knocked into my other hand and propelled the pointy meat thermometer I was holding into my left foot. I yelped—it hurt like hell. The students watched in horror as I pulled it out of my foot. I brushed the incident off and said I was fine. My husband got me a bandage, antibiotic ointment and my slippers, and I served the four-course meal, martyr that I am. After everyone left, we zoomed over to the emergency room, where an X-ray revealed I had a broken foot. For the next annual fundraiser, I donated an evening out."

—Lisa M., 46, Boulder, Colo.

We had too-hot sex
"My husband is a great cook, and I'll often come home from work to find him in the kitchen. One evening, I surprised him while he was chopping vegetables by sneaking up behind him and nibbling on his neck. We began fooling around and were having fun until I started to feel an extremely unpleasant burning sensation down there. Then I spotted what was on the cutting board. My husband had been chopping hot peppers, seeds and all, and hadn't washed his hands. Yeow. Luckily, the burning went away after a thorough wash. We still laugh about our 'hot' kitchen sex scene."