What's probably nothing, and what could mean serious trouble?

Every random ping isnt cause for alarm. Lisa J. Young, MD, a cardiologist at the Sutherland Cardiology Clinic in Memphis, tells you what to watch out for.

Probably not a heart attack:
Chest pain that moves from one spot to another, or a knife-like pain you can pinpoint.
• Pain thats lasted more than an hour, without sweatiness or shortness of breath, especially if youre able to walk around.
• Palpitations without any other symptoms.

Get to the doctor if you feel:
• Pressure or tightness—like an elephant on your chest.
• An abrupt drop in energy or in your ability to exercise.
• Pain in your neck, jaw, back, arm, or shoulder that comes on when you exercise.
• Light-headedness, sweating, shortness of breath, and/or nausea. When in doubt, call your doctor or 911.