This Influencer Just Proved That Pant Sizes Are Lies

See what happened when she tried on three different sizes.

Do you ever go shopping and realize you’re a different pants size in every store? That’s exactly what happened to wellness influencer Claudia Felty on her recent hunt for new jeans. Now she’s speaking up about the ridiculous misconception that a number on a clothing tag determines how you should feel about your body.

In an October 15 post, Felty wrote that she went shopping with one goal in mind: new jeans. “A goal that would’ve given me major panic in the past because the goal wasn’t simply about buying new pants but also buying the smallest size,” she explained.

She went on to say that those days are long behind her, and shopping doesn’t stress her out nearly as much as it used to. But if it did, she would have been in serious trouble.

“I bought all 3 of these jeans on the exact same day. All 3 pairs are a different size. Clearly I am not,” Felty wrote. “Could you imagine the pain and stress I would be in if I continued to allow a number on a clothing tag determine my worth?”

Reality check: Every single pair of pants is made with a different body type in mind. You could be a zero in one store and an eight in the next, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The jeans that look best on you are the ones you’re most comfortable in.

“Can you see now that the number doesn’t matter?” Felty wrote. “Instead of worrying about it, I just swap sizes until I find a pair that fits right, feels good, and makes me feel good in my body.”

Pant sizes are similar to the digits on the scale—neither determines how healthy you are or how proud you should be of your progress if you're trying to get fit. Self-love has to come from within, not from a number.

“So the next time you feel anxiety or stress around shopping for clothes, remember that sizes are arbitrary,” she wrote. “Size does NOT determine your VALUE!”

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