Busy Philipps Shares the One Mantra That Gets Her Through It All

It's a reminder we all could use.

Anyone who follows Busy Philipps on Instagram can attest to how inspiringly candid the actress is about the realities of life. She opens up to her 1.1 million followers about everything from parenting quandaries to panic attacks, and shows us she’s, well, just like the rest of us. So we weren’t surprised to learn the star’s personal mantra is about striving for what we’re all seeking: “Balance.”

“My mantra is, well actually it’s my mom mantra with my kids, is reminding myself about balance, which is giving myself a break,” says Philipps, whose new late-night talk show, Busy Tonight, will premiere on E! this fall. “Not everything is going to be super fun all the time.”

Raising little ones can certainly feel like a rollercoaster ride. One minute it’s all joy—and the next, you’re frustrated or overwhelmed or covered in pasta sauce, or all of the both. “I think so frequently we can swing all over the place. Just remember that it’s okay to go one way, and you can go back the other way,” she says.

Philipps, who has partnered up with Tropicana Kids, finds the “balance” reminder to be helpful when it comes to thinking about food too. “We carry it into the things that we eat, and the choices that we make in our pantry and our kitchen.”

There’s no question that when it comes to staying healthy, physically and mentally, finding balance is essential. In fact, there may not be a better word to live by.

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